Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Product Shout Out


Bond No 9 has come out with three ultra-luxurious bottles of their NYC signature scents in time for the holidays.
Fa La La La La La La La La!

Bleecker Street Bejeweled
The choice this holiday for our annual “Swarovski treatment” is Bleecker Street (a gourmand oriental mingling of patchouli, cassis, caramel, woods, and musk). The limited-edition 100ml lime green-chartreuse-amethyst-gold starburst watercolor flacon is studded, back and front, with a checkerboard pattern of matching crystalsand for good measure, an extra-large crystal front and center. $395.

The Swarovski All-Stars
But why stop at one new Swarovski-enhanced flacon? We’ve gone overboard and embellished three more of our most coveted scents with the tiniest and most reflective of all the Swarovski stonesfive thousand of them per 50ml bottle. The pearlized milk glass Eau de New York bottle (citruses-cyclamen-jasmine-vetiver) is studded with diamond-colored aurora borealis stones. Chelsea Flowers (peonies-magnolia-rose) is decked with emerald-colored stones. Chinatown (peach-gardenia-tuberose-sandalwood) features ruby-colored stones. $650.

The Crystallized Amphora
We’ve saved the show-stopper for last: Our outsized 42 oz amphora vitrine, breathtakingly covered with 16,500 hand-applied platinum Swarovski stones. Not to forget the bottle top—an elliptical mirror with honeycomb base. And while we were at it, we added the Bond No. 9 signature and a handy golden spigot. Contents? Your choice among our 32 scents. This bedazzlement comes in a white patent leather gift case, also adorned with crystals. $3,500.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fashion News


Ever wonder what it would be like to talk on your dress? Well wonder no more. UK firm CuteCircuit has released a dress that has a SIM card embedded in the label. When the dress rings, you lift your hand to your ear to answer the call.

photo from CNN

This is just one of the latest designs mixing technology and fashion. You can check out the story and a slide-show of high tech fashions here.

Monday, October 27, 2008



I've been trying to find a nice, short coat for winter, but nothing seemed to fit me stylistically. That is until I came across this little gem at Urban Outfitters. It also comes in black and tan. Perfect!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fashion News


Looks like there's trouble with Elle publication, Elle Accessories. Since signing on as head bitch over at the new CW show, Stylista, Ann Slowey
has lost four of her key staffers at the publication for which she is the senior editor. Word is that the magazine will return in fall of 2009.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fashion News


Ms. Tina Fey glasses has been burning up the GOP funds with shopping and beauty spending. Republic campaign finance reports released today show the actual breakdown of Palin's shopping sprees:

  • $49,425 was spent at two Saks Fifth Avenue locations.
  • $75,062 went to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis.
  • $4,716 on hair and makeup in September alone.
  • $4,902 was spent at Atelier, a top end men's store, suggesting the party also paid for some of Todd Palin outfits.
Reports say that Emmy-award winning stylist Amy Strozzi was paid $22,800 over a two-week period in October for Palin's makeup. So much for the "average hockey mom." I'm sure Joe the Plumber would be proud.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Link of the Week

Glossed Over is a fantastic blog that deconstructs issues of fashion magazines. My favorite is the entry from October 9th that begins:

Cougars, Conrad, and Calories: Another Wince-Worthy Cosmopolitan Cover

Dear Cosmopolitan,

Congratulations! Just when I think I couldn’t possibly be more ashamed of spending my cash on your latest issue, you manage to prove me wrong!

Fashion News


Speaking of LC, there is a hilarious article in New York Magazine by The Fug Girls about trying to get in to see Lauren's collection at fashion week and having to stand next to a dumpster. You get the point they were trying to make.

You can read it here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fashion News


It's Fashion Week in LA. So far, a lot of collections have gone down the runway, one of which belongs to The Hills' Lauren Conrad. Her spring 2009 line is pretty yawn-worthy. It looks like something you could find in any department store. There are only a couple pieces I liked including this blue and black getup.

What Lauren missed in splash, Ed Hardy made up for in cacophonous color. It looks like someone broke into his workroom with a arsenal of spray paint. I would expect nothing less, of course.

Make It Work


Congratulations Leanne. I loved her collection. The workmanship was impeccable. I loved the wave theme. The only thing I didn't love were the colors, or lack thereof. There was too much beige and white going on for me. But overall, I definitely think she deserved to win. The way the fabric moved as the models walked down the runway was incredible.

Kenley, on the other hand, had a lot of color and the hand-painted fabrics were impressive. But some of the looks were too puffy and matronly and the flower prints way over the top. I did love the black sleeveless dress with the high neck and the pearl-colored dress with the flowers painted across the front.

Korto's collection impressed me. I loved the first dress that walked down the runway and I loved all the little fans the models were holding.

One thing they didn't address on the episode was that Jarrell, Joe, and Suede also showed their collections at Bryant Park. You can see their designs on the Bravo website here.